Poaching in Africa Becomes Increasingly Militarized

By William H. Funk, Mongabay

Dozens of African rangers are killed each year by increasingly well-armed and -organized poachers in a bloody conflict over the continent’s wildlife.

Citizen Mussels

Story and photos by Geoff Martin, from Boulevard

North America's freshwater mussels are facing a mass extinction crisis, and ecologists are jumping into rivers to figure out why.

Water Bugs: A Story of Absolution

By Clinton Crockett Peters, from Pandora’s Garden  

Every living creature has the potential to expand our understanding of who we are—even the resilient, reviled cockroach.

Salmon or Swimming Lakes: Framing Dam Removal

By Peter Brewitt, from Same River Twice  

Dam removal is a growing trend, and it will always involve complex emotional and political motivations.


The End of Nature, Part Two

By Michael Engelhard

Bill McKibben’s new book, Falter, follows up on the climate change peril we now face.

Blood Sisters

By Jennifer Wise, from Northern Woodlands

Playing the role of both predator and prey in the cycle of life.

Bridging Colonialism and Climate Change

By Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik

How a legacy of exploitation and damaged landscapes bred the forces behind climate change.

Access to Water: A Fundamental Human Right

By Robert William Sandford and Merrell-Ann S. Phare

Think of a world without clean water. For many, this is reality. This proposal seeks to address this issue and ensure access to this crucial resource.

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