Believers Keep the Faith Despite Biblical Distortions

Derived from an experience of revelation, many believe in God, even amidst biblical distortions over centuries.

| April 2017

  • Many still believe in something eternal that is beyond our world.
    Photo by Adobe Stock/gracel21
  • “How God Became GOD,” by Richard Smoley, shows how we may rediscover the deeper meanings of the Bible and come to a fresh understanding of God today.
    Cover courtesy TarcherPerigee

How God Became GOD (TarcherPerigee, 2016), by Richard Smoley, longtime editor of a spiritual journal. Smoley searches for a deeper meaning in the Bible, hidden beneath the literal interpretations. It brings into the open what many religious scholars have known for decades — that a fresh understanding of God is possible to anyone willing to examine the evidence. This excerpt is from chapter one, “Groundwater: The Problem of God.”

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Does God exist? Often when this subject comes up, people start talking about science or reason or revelation as authorities.

Science is not much help. Because, in the end, science is a method and not a body of doctrine. It is a very narrow and specialized way of investigating physical reality. Any and all of its findings are subject to refutation at any point, and that is the way it should be.

Here’s an example. Over the last generation or two, the educated world has come to believe in the Big Bang as the origin of the universe, much as our ancestors believed in Genesis. There have even been efforts (though not very inspiring ones) to turn the story of the universe, starting with this Big Bang, into a new myth for our time.

In September 2014 a news item announced that a physics professor at the University of North Carolina, Laura Mersini-Houghton, has proved mathematically that “singularities” don’t exist. Since the Big Bang would have been a singularity, there was no Big Bang. So we will have to rethink our theories about the origins of the universe.